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If you have a bakery, pastry shop or are thinking of starting a business in this area, we will help you choose the most optimal set of equipment according to technical parameters and the desired price, and we will deliver it to you under favorable conditions.
We offer equipment from solid German, Danish, Swedish, Italian companies for bakeries and confectionery workshops.

We offer new and used, overhauled bakery equipment: tiered, rotary baking ovens of various sizes, initial and final proofing chambers, flour sifters, pastry mixers of various capacities, water and flour dosing equipment, dough dividers for buns, baguettes, bread dividers, baguettes, horn forming machines, bread cutting machines, bun lines, donut production and baking equipment, pastry beating machines, high-quality baking paper, various tools for professionals, heat-resistant grease and wheels, excellent baking forms of various patterns, thermometers for measuring the temperature of dough, sugar, oil and spare parts for all equipment.

We repair all bakery equipment.

Bakers, confectioners and hard-working housewives will find a wide variety of tools for their work with us.

Our services are used by many of the country's major bakeries and confectionery workshops: UAB "Vilniaus duona", Klaipėda duona AB, Lietuvos kepėjas UAB, UAB “Do Lietuva”, UAB "Alkava", UAB "Bijola", Jūrate Gulbinienė's company, “VIP sweets" and other.

All prices on this page include VAT.

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